Hilton Head Activities
Beaches Are Just The Beginning

What’s your favorite vacation pastime of all the Hilton Head activities….shopping, water sports, golf, tennis, seeing the sites?

Whatever your choice, there is an abundance of Hilton Head activities for all age groups, making Hilton Head one of the best vacation destinations on the East Coast.

With plenty of things to do in Hilton Head, enjoying the beautiful and relaxing beaches on the island is one of my favorites.

Hilton Head Beach

Whether it’s soaking up the rays from my beach chair or hitting the surf, the island offers beautiful white sand beaches along the Atlantic Ocean coast.

But when I want to be a little more adventurous than frolicking in the waves or riding the boogie board with my kids, I look for intense water sports on the island like jet skiing, water skiing, knee boarding and tubing.

The calmer waters in Hilton Head’s Calibogue Sound and Broad Creek are ideal for these kinds of activities with plenty of outlets that provide them.

One of the most thrilling activities in Hilton Head I ever tried was parasailing.

Being afraid of heights, I’m surprised I even got up the nerve to do it.

But I’m glad I did. It was such an unforgettable feeling to be pulled behind a boat wearing a parachute 600 to 800 feet up above the waters.

You literally see for miles and miles that high. The experience truly made my vacation unlike any other.

For a more subdue water sport, kayaking is a popular choice.

Hilton Head Kayaking

Vacationers can explore Hilton Head’s natural surroundings and wildlife with guided kayak tours.

These tours are great for beginners or family outings. But if you are an experienced kayaker, you can adventure out on your own.

There are many local businesses at the Hilton Head marinas that rent out kayaks for one person or two people.

For those who love fishing, there are lots of choices for the best catch, whether it's inshore fishing, surf fishing or deep sea fishing. Hilton Head 

Island is full of charter boat companies that can take you through the backwaters or many miles off Hilton Head's coastline.

Leave your fishing gear at home.

The charter boats have everything you need and there are also plenty of outlets at the Island marinas that rent fishing gear for recreational fishing in the surf or off the docks and piers.

Activities away from the ocean

For those who enjoy sports away from the ocean, golf and tennis are the most popular Hilton Head activities as evident with the dominance of golf courses and tennis courts available throughout the island.

Hilton Head Golf

With many first class golf courses to choose from, the avid golfer can experience new courses to play while soaking up the beautiful South Carolina sunshine.

If tennis is your game, exclusive clubs are available, many with discounted rates through many of the resorts in Hilton Head.

Visitors can play the game they love on some of the best courts in the country.

Looking for something different? Horseback riding is a unique way to explore Hilton Head's natural environment. There are a few equestrians on the island that offer riding on some of the most tranquil trails you will ever see. There is even one equestrian that has horseback riding on the beach....a rare treat!

Bicycling is another popular choice in Hilton Head activities since Hilton Head is recognized for its many miles of bike paths and trails.

It’s a fun way to get exercise and fresh air, while enjoying all of the beautiful scenery that this Island is known for. I suggest a beach cruiser if you want to bike on the beach. 

These can be rented out and are designed to ride alongside the ocean on the hard packed sand.

Anyone who likes shopping will not be disappointed by what Hilton Head has to offer.

With many different shopping malls, shopping centers and exclusive boutiques, it is the ideal place to look for new items or to bring home a great souvenir from.

Many of the best shopping locations also have many dining options, perfect for taking a break for lunch or dinner to experience some of the finest Southern cuisine.

For children, there is much fun Hilton Head activities for them and the entire family to enjoy.

Miniature golf courses, arcades, playgrounds and bowling alleys are located conveniently throughout the Island.

These destinations are perfect for those with children of all ages, helping any family create memories of a fantastic vacation.

The choices of Hilton Head activities make this one of the greatest places to visit in South Carolina.

Whether you’re traveling alone, with your spouse, or the entire family, there is something for everyone to have a fantastic vacation in one of the most exciting and beautiful areas in the south.

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