Hilton Head Fishing - 
So Much Fishing To Do

What’s your Hilton Head fishing choice….the exhilaration of deep sea fishing or the anticipation of inshore fishing?

Don't worry if you can't decide, the island offer's the best of both!

With beautiful waters in and around Hilton Head Island, you will quickly find that its home to some of the most excellent fishing grounds that can be found on the Atlantic coastline.

Whether it’s fishing in the shallow rivers, creeks and inlets in or around Calibogue Sound, the deeper waters of Port Royal or near the man made ship wrecks and reefs just off Hilton Head beaches, fishing enthusiasts will be delighted in the choices Hilton Head fishing has.

Rules & Regulations


  • Hilton Head fishing requires licenses, whether its saltwater or freshwater, on Hilton Head shores, piers, lagoons and ponds.


  • Licenses are for individuals 16 years of age and older.

License Prices (Salt & Fresh Water):

  • Annual Resident - $10.00
  • 14 day Resident - $5.00
  • Annual Non-Resident - $35.00
  • 14 day Non-Resident Saltwater - $11.00
  • 7 day Non-Resident Freshwater - $11.00


  • Individuals are exempt from licenses who are fishing on licensed charting vessels (fishing charter companies) as these vessels already have licenses that cover their guests on fishing excursions.

Where is Hilton Head fishing done?

From inshore fishing to Hilton Head deep sea fishing (offshore), the island is surrounded by some of the most populated waters of fish. With so many species, choosing where to fish often seems the most difficult task.

Inshore saltwater fishing spans from Calibogue Sound to Port Royal, a maze of rivers, marshes and creeks along Hilton Head's shorelines. Having navigated through some of these backwaters, inshore fishing has given me some of the most spectacular fishing I have ever done.

What attracts me to inshore fishing.....

  • Spending less time getting to your fishing grounds and more time fishing. This is a definite plus as Hilton Head Island fishing charters can be costly.
  • Partial to the outdoors, inshore fishing allows me to enjoy the islands natural surroundings and wildlife.
  • Hilton Head has unique tide fluctuations. Ranging from 7 to 11 feet, your fishing areas change with the tides movement. You can open with your fishing at low tide in the shallow areas or flats and end your fishing at high tide in the creeks and tall grasses.
  • Depending on the season, expect to catch redfish, flounder, speckled sea trout, triple tail, cobia or tarpon to name a few.

Offshore saltwater fishing can extend a few miles out from the coastline to 70 miles of reaching the Gulf stream. These excursions normally last a half a day to a full day.

What attracts me to offshore fishing.....

  • Groups of people can go together depending on the size of the charter boat. This is great for family outings. They even have what are called "Party Boats" for very large groups.
  • There are many ship wrecks and reefs offshore, creating a natural environment for an abundance of sea life....great for fishing. Some are even man made like the Whitewater reef and the General Gordon reef. They include sunken barges, army tanks, shipping containers, landing craft as well as bridge debris.
  • Depending on the season, expect to catch amberjack, barracuda, cobia, grouper, variety of shark species and king mackerel to name a few.

Hilton Head Fishing Charter Directory

Off The Hook Charters

11 Sea Hawk Lane

Hilton Head Island

(843) 298-4376

Bull Dog Charters

2 Hudson Road

Hilton Head Island

(843) 422-0887

Sea Wolf Charters

1 Landing Drive

Port Royal

(843) 525-1174

Broad Creek Marina

18 Simmons Rd

Hilton Head Island

(843) 681-3625

Drifter Excursions, Inc.

11 Braddock Cove

Hilton Head Island

(843) 363-2900

Hilton Head Outfitters

80 Queens Folly Rd

Hilton Head Island

(866) 380-1783

Live Oac

43 Jenkins Road

Hilton Head Island

(888) 254-8362

Papa Bear Charters

2 Hudson Rd

Hilton Head Island

(843) 816-3474

Runaway Fishing Charters

2 Hudson Rd

Hilton Head Island

(843) 384-6511

Catmandoo Sportfishing

2 Hudson Rd

Hilton Head Island

(843) 304-1033

Palmetto Bay Marina

86 Helmsman Way

Hilton Head Island


Outcast Sport Fishing

43 Jenkins Road

Hilton Head Island

(843) 290-0371

Harbour Town Yacht Basin

149 Lighthouse Rd

Hilton Head Island

(843) 671-4534

Gullah Gal Fishing

1 Shelter Cove Lane

Hilton Head Island


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